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Hours and Availability

Because I work at home, I can offer more flexible hours than a business location. However, although arrangements can be made in special circumstances, I do not normally conduct business before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m. Also, although I frequently work on weekends, I do not generally do business with clients on weekends, especially Sundays.

Because my schedule includes a number of fixed classes and meetings, I am not always at home. For this reason, I see clients only by appointment. If you do not call before you come, you run the risk of finding me out. Nowadays that is not an issue, since most of my business is conducted via email.

You will notice that neither my address nor my phone number is published on this Web site. That is intentional. If you are local, you can look me up in the phone book (under my name). Other interested parties can contact me through this link.


All work is charged at $30 per hour. Fractions of an hour are prorated. There is a $2 minimum charge for pickup and delivery.

I do not bid jobs. Every job is different, and experience has demonstrated that it is never possible, even after looking at the project, to estimate how long it will take. There are always hidden obstacles. Because my hourly fee is well below the going rate, many clients find that the bottom line is less than expected, and even those who gulp a little when they see the figure usually decide that the result was well worth it.

There is a $5 minimum for the first job, and you should expect work to take a little longer until I become familiar with you and your needs.

Penalties and additional fees will be added on the basis of my exasperation level. Expect to pay about 25% more for rush jobs, and I will add $1 or more to your bill for each missed appointment.

All charges are payable on delivery of the completed work. Regular clients may accumulate charges and be billed once a month. Bills are payable upon receipt, and a 5% service charge is assessed on unpaid balances after 30 days.

[Much of the above is no longer relevant to my current clients, most of whom are either longtime regular clients, billed monthly, or one-time major clients who contact me via email and do not bring work in person.]