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Useful Web Sites about Word

This is the Web site created collaboratively by the Microsoft Word MVPs. It has a world of information about how to use Word and how to solve problems in Word. The content ranges from brief answers to Frequently Asked Questions to lengthy tutorials on Word features. Many of the links below are to this site.

This is my Web site for articles about Word. Some of the links below are to that site.

Basic Concepts of Microsoft Word
If you are a beginner in Word or would like to use Word more efficiently, start here.

If you are interested in a very basic printed introduction to Word, see my review of Word 2003 Personal Trainer

Web Pages Relevant to My Presentation

The text of my presentation and other related materials are posted here

What do all those funny marks, like the dots between the words in my document, and the square bullets in the left margin, mean?

Is There Life After “Reveal Codes”?

Word is always making changes I don’t expect. How can I get more control over my formatting?

How to assign a Word command or macro to a toolbar or menu

How to assign a Word command or macro to a hot-key

Assigning custom button faces to your toolbar and menu buttons

Ruler of all you survey: How to make the best use of Word’s rulers

Setting tabs: Or how to prevent tabbed paragraphs from going all over the place when pasted between documents

What Is AutoText and How Do I Use It?

Exploiting AutoCorrect

How to change the default settings for Word documents

What is the difference between the Normal and Body Text styles?

I selected a block of text and pressed Delete (or Backspace) and nothing happened!

How can I make Word save or back up my document automatically?

How does Track Changes in Microsoft Word work?

How to delete a “blank page” in Word

Other Useful Articles

How to apply a style in Word

How to modify a style in Word

Why use Word’s built-in heading styles?

How the Styles and Formatting pane works in Word 2002 and 2003

Creating a Template - The Basics (Part I)

How can I insert special characters, such as dingbats and accented letters, in my document?

How to create a table of contents in Microsoft Word

How to set up a letter template

For Further Help

Word home page at Microsoft Office Online: links to downloads, updates, templates, tutorials, etc.

Microsoft Office Communities: online forums in which you can ask questions about Word

Microsoft Support Search page: search for articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base that deal with specific problems

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

You can find more shortcuts by searching Word’s Help file for “keyboard shortcuts” or “shortcut keys.” You can print the Help topic if you wish.

Shortcuts for Formatting Paragraphs

Ctrl+Q = Remove manual paragraph formatting


Ctrl+L = Align Left

Ctrl+E = Align Center

Ctrl+R = Align Right

Ctrl+J = Justify


Ctrl+0 = Add/remove 12 points Space Before

Ctrl+1 = Single spacing

Ctrl+2 = Double spacing

Ctrl+5 = 1½-line spacing


Ctrl+M = Increase first-line indent by one tab stop

Ctrl+Shift+M = Decrease first-line indent by one tab stop

Ctrl+T = Increase left indent by one tab stop

Ctrl+Shift+T = Decrease left indent by one tab stop

Shortcuts for Formatting Text

Ctrl+U = Underline

Ctrl+I = Italic

Ctrl+B = Bold

Ctrl+Shift+A = All capitals

Ctrl+Shift+K = Small capitals

Ctrl+Equals Sign = Subscript

Ctrl+Plus Sign = Superscript

Ctrl+Spacebar = Remove manual character formatting

Other Useful Shortcuts

Ctrl+S = Save

Ctrl+P = Open Print dialog

Ctrl+C = Copy

Ctrl+X = Cut

Ctrl+V = Paste

Ctrl+Shift+C = Copy formatting

Ctrl+Shift+V = Paste formatting

Shift+Enter = Insert line break

Ctrl+Enter = Insert page break (avoid wherever possible)

Ctrl+Shift+Space = Nonbreaking space

Ctrl+Shift+Hyphen = Nonbreaking hyphen

Ctrl+Hyphen = Optional hyphen

Ctrl+F = Find

Ctrl+H = Replace

Ctrl+Z = Undo (probably the most important shortcut of all!)

Ctrl+Y or F4 = Repeat last action