Uncommon Love

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Cover of Uncommon LoveIf you want to change the world

come along on the journey to True Love—the one chance we have to leave this world a better place than we found it. Pick up the baggage of your life’s burdens and prepare to let me help you carry them; I believe you’ll do the same favor for me sometime soon. We’ll be walking together, getting to know one another, listening for the directions of the One Who created us, and learning to share the conviction that in traveling this path of Uncommon Love we can accomplish—and become—far more than we have ever dreamed possible.

Pamela Hartman, D.Min., is an ordained United Methodist minister, a teacher and a psychotherapist with more than 25 years of experience working to bring healing to the people and communities around her. She has spoken and taught extensively along the Gulf Coast as well as in the Midwest; she and her husband Jon, along with their five children, form an interracial family and work daily to make the principles of Uncommon Love come alive.