I Hear Music

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Bernard W. Joseph, a native Detroiter and math alumnus of Wayne State University, retired in 1986 after 36 years as a physicist, optical engineer, and inventor. Since then, he’s devoted himself to sailing with his wife and co-captain, Hildegard. He’s written boating articles for Cruising World, Good Old Boat, lifeline, Sennit, and Northern Breezes. He’s now attacking other literary forms and has received several rejection slips. He won an award for a Welsh short story, but the calligrapher misspelled his name on the award certificate.

Since I spent much of my professional life telling stories about classical music on the radio, I’m delighted by the concept.…I love the way a fragment of music sets off a chain reaction of memory, humour, and erudition.

Leon Cole, author of Dear R.S.V.P.

What Bernard has created in this book are the vivid memories and musings of a very full life.

Dr. Lynn Elliott, English Department chair, University of California–Chico

In these essays, Joseph, a former child star, a sailor, a scholar, and a philosopher of ordinary things, recounts the episodes of an unusual existence with zeal and wit…

Dr. Wayne Harbert, Professor of Linguistics, Cornell University