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Cover of NiñaGenerations of readers, young and old, treasure their memories of books about the loving bonds between children and their pets. Now, joining the tradition of Ol' Yeller, The Yearling, and other favorites, Doris Cahill has worked the magic of a beautiful tale simply told, about Suzie and Niña, the burro she came to love. When Suzie's American family moves down to old Mexico for her dad's health, Niña moves into their lives, nuzzling her way into their hearts forever. Though set in the past, this tale is more timely than ever as American and Mexican cultures continue to blend. Suzie and Niña are certain to take their place in our literary tradition of devoted animals and loving owners.

Doris Cahill was born in Puyallup, Washington, a hundred years ago. During all of that time she has been interested in the animals and birds that share this planet with us. Dogs, cats, and a few rabbits filled the very young years of her life. Then came Peter, the beautiful brown horse that she rode bareback racing on errands around the farm. Jack, the pit bulldog, came scratching at the door asking for a handout one night and stayed for fourteen years. Summers spent living in a cabin in the foothills of a mountain in Oregon gave her a chance to watch wild animals—bears, porcupines, beavers, and even snakes. In later years bird watching and listing became her favorite pastime. She traveled to South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, and several other countries looking for rare birds. Now she says that of all the creatures she has seen and loved, Niña, the friendly, stubborn, intelligent Mexican burro will always be her favorite.

This book was published to celebrate the author's centennial birthday in 2001. As of October 2004, she is still living.