Shelving and Re-Selving

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Cover of Shelving and Re-SelvingJames Glennon Hietter was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and toiled for many years in the academic fields of New Orleans, teaching at the University of New Orleans, Jesuit High School, and Louise S. McGehee. He also taught at LSU, at Newbury Junior College in Boston, and at Jesuit high schools in Dallas and El Paso.

Mr. Hietter (most people call him “Jim”) earned undergraduate degrees in English from Spring Hill College and in theology from St. Louis University as well as a master’s in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University.

In his long career as teacher, journalist and poet, Jim Hietter edited two Jesuit newspapers in Boston, directed the poetry workshop of the Jesuit Artist Institute at Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, and studied at the New York City Writers Conference under Pulitzer Prize–winning poet and poet laureate Stanley Kunitz.

He has given poetry readings throughout the country and published in the Southern Review and other periodicals. The poems in this collection, his first to reach the public, are all recent works, written in retirement.

Mr. Hietter, who was a member of the Society of Jesus for many years, describes his verse as primarily a mix of free verse and blank verse, and hence he calls it “frank verse.”